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Переведите преложения на русский язык, подчеркните причастие и определите функции каждого из них.

1. The source program having been compiled, the computer starts processing it.
2. Scientists are working at that problem for a number of years.
3. The data referred to the paper are quite reliable.
4. The results obtained gave the stability of the system under conditions given below.
5. The idea of using this technique is new and somewhat unexpected.
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Нужна помощь   1 ответ

Спешите предложения,подчеркните в них сказуемое, определите видовременные формы и залог. Переведите на русский язык
1) We shall have written the letter to the foreign company by 7 o'clock tomorrow.
2) When he entered the room the contract was being checked by the legal adviser.
3) We will be exporting industrial equipment to other countries during the next year.
4) The top of the mountain was reached under the greatest difficulty
5) They will solve the problem in the near future.
Заранее спасибо большое.
  22 ноя 2016 10:39  
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Выписать причастия, указать их вид   0 ответов

Пожалуйста,помогите! Выписать причастия, указать их вид( Participle 1 или Participle 2) и определить их самостоятельную функцию(определение или обстоятельства).
1.When put into operation the atomic power station had a capacity of 1500000 kilowatt.
2.Designing new mining machines engineers should pay attention to geological conditions of mines.
3.Lava was flowing down the hill destroying everything in its way.
4.The problem discussed at the conference is of vital importance for our region.
  13 апр 2014 11:19  
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Выпишите сказуемые, определить видовременную форму и залог   0 ответов

Выпишите сказуемые, определить видовременную форму и залог.
1.Input devices have became easier to use. 2. New generations of computer technology will continue to affect the processing of data and information. 3.Computers are also being used to collect and analyze data. 4.The will be waiting for him at 8.30. 5.The term computer generation was applied to different types of computers to help delineate the major technological developments in hardware…
  18 фев 2014 10:40  
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Определить видовременную форму и залог глагола-сказуемого   0 ответов

a) 1. The idea of space flights is attracted the attention of the people since the remotest times.
2. When Mendeleyev was constructing his table he left several blanks in order to put the elements of similar properties in the same group.
3. The Olympic Games have a very long history.
b) 1. New achievements of Russian scientists are much spoken about.
2. The question is not connected with the subject which is being discussed now.
3. Newton's works are often referred to in scientific papers.
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Перевод с английского на русский   1 ответ

Добрый вечер)) помогите, пожалуйста, перевести следующее предложение)
The research was developed using multiple case study methodology in six industrial companies.
Трудности возникают в середине предложения. Вот что у меня:

Исследование было разработано с использованием (множественных научных методологий) в шести промышленных компаниях.

Заранее благодарна))
  17 апр 2012 21:41  
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Английский язык.   3 ответа

Use worth+Ving to express the same idea in one sentence.
Example: This audio guide is quite good. Try it. — This audio guide is worth trying.

1. It isn't a good idea to go to the museum now. It's almost closing time. — ?
2. Russian rural churches are so beautiful! You'll enjoy visiting them.
3. Go and see the new display in the London Transport Museum. It's so exciting! — ?
4. This TV programme was so stupid. I'm sorry I spent time on it. — ?
5. I'm glad we stayed till the end of the show. The most interesting thing happened at the end. — ?
  10 апр 2011 20:33  
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