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Present Percent Continuous.

Не могу понять как определить в какой форме употреблять глаголы в предложениях
1. Over the past four years, Procter and Gamble HAS CUT/ HAS BEEN CUTTING its use of packaging materials overall by 24 per cent, including a 42 cent reduction in paperboard. It per HAS also LIFTED / HAS BEEN LIFTING the level of its packaging to 37 per cent. The company HAS TRIED/HAS BEEN TRYING to catch up with strict environmental regulations. 2) French Connection, owner of the fashion retailer of that name, and of Nicole Fahri, the designer, HAS REPORTED /HAS BEEN REPORTING disastrous results for the year to end-January. The company HAS MADE/ HAS BEEN MAKING losses since summer 3) The insolvency experts, the undertakers who bury Britain's companies corpses, are laughing all the way to the bank. They HAVE BEEN HAVE ENJOYING/ HAVE ENJOYED one of their best years in memory, and senior partners of the biggest firms HAVE BECOME/ HAVE BEEN BECOMING seriously rich. The top men HAVE PICKED/ HAVE BEEN PICKING over one million each 4) The FTSE index, which HAS LOST/HAS BEEN LOSING nearly 150 points since it peaked last month, regained some of its lost ground. It HAS GROWN/ HAS BEEN GROWING steadily since last week.
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Где акцент на результат — Present Perfect, где на длительность — Present Perfect Continuous. Но это так, палочка-выручалочка, приходите на занятия, за лето всю грамматику освоите.

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