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Преобразуйте предложения в пассивную форму и переведите.

1. It may produce less carbon dioxide than other fossil fuels.
2. Natural gas requires compression or low temperatures if it has to be used for cars or other vehicles.

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1. Он может производить меньше углекислого газа, чем иные виды топлива.
2. Природный газ должен быть сжижен или охлажден в том случае, если он предназначается для автомобилей или других транспортных средств.

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Less carbon dioxide may be produced from it than from other fossil fuels. Natural gas compression or low temperatures are required if the gas has to be used for cars or other vehicles.

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Выпишите сказуемые и укажите их видовременные формы.   1 ответ

1. Tomorrow the movement of trains at that section of the line will be restricted because of track repair work.
2. The inside body of the car is upholstered with materials that are easily washed.
3. When the first self-propelled vehicles appeared, measures were taken to limit their speed in many countries.
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Определить в каждом из них видо-временную форму   1 ответ

помогите пожалуйста определить в каждом из них видо-временную форму и залог-сказуемого!!!!!

1. Electric cars will be widely used in future.
2. This car building plant was established in 1920.
3. The efficiency of the line will have been doubled by the end of the reconstruction period.
4. ballast in railway tracks is used in the form of a layer of broken stone.
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Измените следующие предложения, используя конструкцию there + be.   3 ответа

1. The situation with natural gas is also mixed.
2. Thus, it has not previously been a serious contender to provide private transportation.

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Подчеркните сказуемое, укажите видовременную форму, залог   2 ответа

Подчеркните сказуемое в следующих предложениях,
укажите видовременную форму, залог.
1. The downsides from the environmental point of view are evident: harm to
public health through carbon dioxide emissions in exhaust fumes, which are
connected to respiratory problems, and to precious ecosystems from oil spills and
2. It may produce less carbon dioxide than other fossil fuels, but the major
stumbling block to…

  08 мар 2021 22:36  
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Выпишите глаголы-сказуемые, определите их видо-временную форму…   1 ответ

Выпишите глаголы-сказуемые, определите их видо-временную форму и залог.
1.Electricity is used to produce heat.
2.Today plastics are being applied for car bodies.
3.The electric cars will be widely used in future.
4.He worked at the plant all his life.
5.The device is being tested now.
6.Engineering progress opens up wide prospects before man.
7.The alloys were experimented upon in our lab.
8.Having been repaired,the engine began operating better.
9.I had been tested the device for two hours when you came.
10.I have never been there before.
  27 май 2014 10:54  
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Помогите пожалуйста очень срочно надо!!!!! Пожалуйста!!!!!   2 ответа

Перепишите следующие предложения: подчеркните в каждом из них глагол-сказуемое и определите его видовременную форму и залог. Переведите предложения на русский язык.

1. Britain has adopted a phased program of reductions in air pollution.
2. Coal fires are not allowed in London.
3. A lot of pollution comes from cars, so let’s hope that electric cars will be widely used in future.
4. Much noise pollution has been caused by traffic and aircraft since the middle of this century.
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