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In what may be the crowning irony of scandal-steeped culture in the nation's capital, Kenneth Starr, the grand inquisitor so vilified by President Clinton and his allies, may now become the quarry of an out­side prosecutor himself.
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Определить время и залог глагола;найти модальный глагол ;определение или причастие определить форму и группу   0 ответов

The scheme adopted for the tunnel is of great technical interest. First of all the tunnel has a very deep grade. Actually it is so steep that the rack and pinion system had to be used to ensure a safe operation of electric trains in the tunnel.
The second feature of the tunnel is a great volume of earth-work involved in its construction. The first underground station is located at a height of 2,820 m. here galleries were bored through the rock…
  22 фев 2017 10:56  
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Помогите с заданием!!   0 ответов

определить видовременные глаголы и указать инфинитив, а также перевести.
1.It was G.Washinqton who chose the place for the District and laid in 1790 the corner — stone of the Capitol, were Conqress sits.
2. Not far from the Copitol is the Washinqton Monument, which looks like a very biq pencil.
3. Washington has nothing characteristically American in it, as its conseption is purely French.
4. The 16-th President of the US gave freedom…
  14 янв 2017 20:59  
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I. Перепишите предложения, раскрыв скобки, поставьте глагол в требуемом времени и залоге. Выпишите глаголы и укажите их видовременную форму.   2 ответа

1. We (not/make) a decision where to spend the holidays yet.
2. I am sure Mike didn`t realize that he (offend) you.
3. Shakespeare (be) born in 1564 and (die) in 1616. He (live) in Stratford for most of his life but he (live) in London when Queen Elizabeth (die) in 1603.
4. When they (argue), I was afraid that the argument (end) in a fight.
5. Is that 703485? — No, I'm afraid you (dial) the wrong number.
6. She (come) in and (say)…
  20 окт 2015 09:09  
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Подкорректируйте предложения!   0 ответов

Пожалуйста, помогите!!
Исправьте грамматические ошибки в предложениях и укажите время и способ, подчеркните подлежащее и сказуемое. Переведите предложения.

1) People with this disease may be subjected to treatment.
2) Such a punishment is too cruel.
3) Confess to the crime — to charge all juvenile offenders.
4) The judge made the final decision.
5) For prosecution little evidence.
6) We have sufficient evidence so…
  12 окт 2015 14:49  
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England and wales have a single system of law and courts. 2-This…   1 ответ

England and wales have a single system of law and courts.2-This student has made up a brief summary of the English legal system.3-The draft of Civil Code being considered now.4-The courts have retained a strict formality.5-The federal judges are appointed for life by the president in practice ,until they die ,retire or resign.6-who has the power to create and abolish federal courts as well as to determine the number of judges in the federal judicial…
  15 янв 2014 01:00  
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Видовременная форма и залог глаголов, помогите пожалуйста   2 ответа

Перепишите предложения. Определите видовременную форму и залог глаголов. Укажите их инфинитив. Предложения переведите.
1. Are you going to the bank? – No, I have already been there today.
2. Tom wasn’t at home when I arrived. He had just gone.
3. Jack is not working tomorrow, so we can go out somewhere.
4. There will be an interesting programme on TV tomorrow.
5. It is the most boring film I have ever seen.
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