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England and wales have a single system of law and courts. 2-This…

England and wales have a single system of law and courts.2-This student has made up a brief summary of the English legal system.3-The draft of Civil Code being considered now.4-The courts have retained a strict formality.5-The federal judges are appointed for life by the president in practice ,until they die ,retire or resign.6-who has the power to create and abolish federal courts as well as to determine the number of judges in the federal judicial system?7-The judge is pronouncing the verdict now,you can not speak to him.8-The absence of crime will best prove the efficiency of the police.9-He knew that the drugs had been hidden some where in the house.10-They were discussing the new case when I came into the office.пожалуйста помогите определить видовременную форму глагола и его залог,очень нужно заранее благодарна
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Зина, здравствуйте. Для начала вспомните, чем отличается пассивный залог от активного, как он выглядит в разных временах. Информация об этом есть, например, в Round Up 4. Потом найдите в предложениях сами сказуемые, а дальше — дело техники.

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Определить в каждом из них видо-временную форму   1 ответ

помогите пожалуйста определить в каждом из них видо-временную форму и залог-сказуемого!!!!!

1. Electric cars will be widely used in future.
2. This car building plant was established in 1920.
3. The efficiency of the line will have been doubled by the end of the reconstruction period.
4. ballast in railway tracks is used in the form of a layer of broken stone.
  21 апр 2013 14:10  
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Помогите с заданием пожалуйста   1 ответ

В каких функциях употреблено причастие 1, в приведённых ниже предложениях
1. Following this method you can obtain positive result.
2. Smiling girls are nice.
3. Answering the last question the student failed
  20 окт 2019 13:31  
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Нужна помощь   1 ответ

Спешите предложения,подчеркните в них сказуемое, определите видовременные формы и залог. Переведите на русский язык
1) We shall have written the letter to the foreign company by 7 o'clock tomorrow.
2) When he entered the room the contract was being checked by the legal adviser.
3) We will be exporting industrial equipment to other countries during the next year.
4) The top of the mountain was reached under the greatest difficulty
5) They will solve the problem in the near future.
Заранее спасибо большое.
  22 ноя 2016 10:39  
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Помогите определить видовременную форму   1 ответ

I. The electric controls were discussed yesterday. 2. The interval timer is used to
control the operational period of equipment. 3 Now the pressure switch is being
used to detect the presence or absence of material. 4. By this time the farmers will
have finished the soil cultivation. 5. It has been used to start the conveying system
and feed preparation equipment.
  17 янв 2019 18:19  
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Помогите с проверкой, пожалуйста   0 ответов

Помогите с проверкой, пожалуйста:
подчеркните в каждом из них глагол-сказуемое и определите его форму и видо-временную форму
и залог.

1. Sorry I’m late. I got held up in the traffic. 1. К сожалению, я опоздал. Я задержался в пробке.
got held up — Present Indefinite Active
2. The solution of the problem will require concentrated efforts of many research scientists (учёных-исследователей). Решение задачи потребуют концентрации усилий…
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Помогите правильно открыть скобки   2 ответа

Are you used ( to speak to ) like that by your employer
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