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Времена и залог

Надо опр. время и залог.
1) Thousands of new products are being presented at the Consumer
Electronics Show in Las Vegas.
2) More companies are using 3-D printing to directly manufacture some
3) The Committee on Banking Supervision has been working on a set of
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Тесты   1 ответ

Укажите предложение со сказуемым в страдательном залоге

Выберите один ответ:
a. Developed European countries are exporting high-quality goods all over the world
b. All decisions about goods production were made by the central offices in the Soviet block countries
c. Changes in consumer demand have influenced goods quantity and quality demanded
  15 мар 2017 16:43  
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Определить время и залог глагола;найти модальный глагол ;определение или причастие определить форму и группу   0 ответов

The scheme adopted for the tunnel is of great technical interest. First of all the tunnel has a very deep grade. Actually it is so steep that the rack and pinion system had to be used to ensure a safe operation of electric trains in the tunnel.
The second feature of the tunnel is a great volume of earth-work involved in its construction. The first underground station is located at a height of 2,820 m. here galleries were bored through the rock…
  22 фев 2017 10:56  
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Помогите пожалуйста определите видо- временную форму глаголов в следующих предложениях, в английском я вообще не разбираюсь((( пожалуйста   1 ответ

1. Most of the pictures in magazines depend on their content.
2. The art of printing was making fast progress during the 19th century.
3. Look! He is taking photoes with a new camera.
4. She had written only two letters by the day.
5. You will find this unique journal in a modest office building in Lower Manhattan.
6. Each of the students of our group has already bought the latest issue of Moscow News
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Подчеркните сказуемое предложений, определите его видовременную форму   0 ответов

I. Подчеркните сказуемое предложений, определите его видовременную форму, переведите предложения на русский язык.

1. IBM is one of the largest computer companies in the world; it manufactures PCs and sells its products all over the world.
2. The company gave $5000 to a local school to set up a computer department.
3. The latest economic statistics show that both unemployment and inflation are falling.
4. Unemployment is still very…
  14 сен 2013 11:26  
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Помогите найти глагол-сказуемое и определить видовременную форму и залог.   1 ответ

There are many properties that man has found useful in his application of electromagnetic waves.
2. The flow of electrons in one direction results in an electric current.
3. The energy sources of the world are decreasing while the energy needs of the world are increasing.
b) 1. The isotopes of the element hydrogen were given individual names.
2. Electronics is usually thought of as that part of electricity which deals with vacuum tubes and translators.
3. The behaviour of metals is greatly affected by the changes in temperature.
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Помогите сделать   2 ответа

. Make the following sentences passive.
1. A spinster has left a fortune.
2. He helped her in other ways.
3. They must do the work carefully.
4. He is signing the contract of employment now.
5. He will do me a favour, I'm sure.
6. They don't manufacture marine engines.
7. They won't tell the staff about the problems.
8. One can see the beauty of the buildings and the garden
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