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Food products within the retail environment are processed, branded and work effectively on the basis of uniformity in processing and high quality.
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Пищевые продукты, в сети ритейлера, процессируются, отмечаются и эффективно реализуются благодаря унифицированной основе в процессировании и высокому качеству.

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Перепишите предложения и переведите их, обращая внимание на функцию инфинитива, подчеркните его.
1.To establish standards of air quality is very important in the towns with a high level of pollution.
2.Copernics was the first to explain properly our solar system.
3.Perhaps we will be able to avoid the disaster that threatens the natural world and all of us.
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Укажите предложение со сказуемым в страдательном залоге

Выберите один ответ:
a. Developed European countries are exporting high-quality goods all over the world
b. All decisions about goods production were made by the central offices in the Soviet block countries
c. Changes in consumer demand have influenced goods quantity and quality demanded
  15 мар 2017 16:43  
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1.During the 199's, scientists have developed better varicties of plants and livestock.
2.Animal husbandry, which has been proctised for thousands of years, seeks to improve the quality of livestock.
3.Each year hundreds of new kinds of animals are discovered.
4.Food crops can be divided into eight groups.
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1. IBM is one of the largest computer companies in the world; it manufactures PCs and sells its products all over the world.
2. The company gave $5000 to a local school to set up a computer department.
3. The latest economic statistics show that both unemployment and inflation are falling.
4. Unemployment is still very…
  14 сен 2013 11:26  
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1. The police are concerned with keeping public order.
2. Barristers specialize in advocacy.
3. My sister will become a lawyer in two years.
4. Roman Law influenced upon the laws in many countries of the world.
5. You will study Romans law as it is the basis on the laws of the most European countries.
  23 мар 2012 14:35  
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Cutting of transportation costs, self-liquidating credit, custom-tailored, cash-flow cycle, branded goods, primary goods, heavy-duty, gratuitous help, urgent help, official hours, retail price index, wholesale price index, accurate information, available information, invitation to tender.
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